Going To Hospital

Associate Professor Donnan operates at St Vincent’s Private Hospital East Melbourne Campus. Information about the hospital, your stay and what to bring to hospital can be found on their website or by downloading their information booklet.

St Vincent’s Private Hospital has an online pre-admission portal where you can register your admission once your surgery date is confirmed.


All surgical procedures require an anaesthetist and a surgical assistant.

Associate Professor Donnan prefers to use the services of Anaesthetic Services and depending on which date your surgery is, your (or your child’s) anaesthetist will be either Dr Tom Tan or Dr Laurie Poon.

You can download their information sheets in PDF format here:

Dr Tom Tan | Dr Laurie Poon


For most operations a surgical assistant is required. You will be informed prior to your or your child’s procedure who the surgical assistant is and their out of pocket costs, if applicable. For more information, visit:



As part of your and your child’s orthopaedic treatment, Associate Professor Donnan may request the services of Orthokids to attend either during your and your child’s surgical procedure or on the ward during your and your child’s hospital stay for fitting of either fitting of or measuring for orthotics or bracing.

Read the Orthokids Hospital Inpatient Info PDF for further details. For further information, please visit the Orthokids website.