Paediatric and Adult Orthopaedic Surgeon

Caring for patients of all ages

Leo Theatre Formal

Leo Donnan, as a surgeon trained in both paediatric and adult orthopaedics,  offers a unique service to patients and their families.

Paediatric Orthopaedics is a speciality that diagnoses and treats musculoskeletal conditions of childhood and adolescence. Children need very different care to adults because they are growing and changing. Understanding the effects of growth and development is the most important issue in managing childhood problems.

Many adult orthopaedic conditions have their origins in childhood or come about from injury or arthritis. With specialized training in Limb Reconstruction and Joint Replacement the full spectrum of treatment options can be explored with patients of all ages.


 On Site Services

The Chapman St Clinic offers onsite radiology that caters for children and adults. Dedicated orthotic management is provided by Orthokids who are highly skilled in managing complex orthotic and prosthetic care for patients of all ages