Guided Growth

What is guided growth?

Guided growth is a minimally invasive technique whereby the natural growth of a child or adolescent is modified to correct a problem with mal-alignment of the limbs. It is most commonly used for the correction of bow legs or knocked knees but can be used for any growing bones

How is it done?

Guided growth involves clamping part of a growth plate so that with growth a deformity is corrected. It is usually done with either a small plate or a bone screw that either straddles or crosses the part of the growth plate that is to be slowed down.

Under a general anaesthetic and with xray control a small surgical incision is made in such a way as not to produce any long term harm to the growth plate and the implant is inserted.  Over time, as the child continues to grow, the bone grows straight. The correction depends on how active the growth plate is and may take from months to years to achieve the correction.


How long will my child need to stay in hospital?

In most cases, your child will be able to go home from hospital on the same day as the surgery.

Will my child need to use crutches?

Crutches will usually be required for comfort. Your child can weight bear through their operated limb as comfortable.

When can my child return to playing sport?

Your child can usually return to sport a few weeks following surgery. Return to contact sports may require more time following your surgery, please check with prior to commencing contact sports.

What follow up is required?

We will monitor your child’s progress by physical examination and with X-rays. Careful follow up is very important to ensure the perfect amount of correction is obtained. The implant will be removed once the problem is corrected.