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Please upload your referral by clicking on the “Patient Referral Upload” button below.  Once we have received your valid referral and your appointment has been confirmed, you will receive an SMS with a link to our patient registration form to complete prior to attending your or your child’s appointment.

When attending, please make sure that:

  • You have a valid referral
  • You have completed the Patient Registration form that was forwarded to you via SMS.
  • You have all medical imaging with you, either as hard copies or on a disc, as the practice only has online access to imaging performed by MIA or RCH.

New appointments now available on-line with hotdoc

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What to expect at your appointment

At your appointment, Associate Professor Donnan may require you or your child to have an X-ray or Ultrasound. For your convenience medical imaging is available on site at both the North Melbourne (VicOrtho Radiology) and East Melbourne rooms (MIA Radiology). Ultrasound facilities are only available on site at the East Melbourne rooms.

This provides an immediate service allowing Associate Professor Donnan to review the images at your appointment without need for travel or parking anywhere else. These are private services that do not bulk bill and do not accept health care or pension cards.

Patients can be referred to other services if they prefer but in most cases will require a second appointment and the images would not be available immediately.

Associate Professor Donnan may also require you or your child to attend our on-site orthotists for orthotics, splintage, bracing or plaster casts. Orthokids work closely with Associate Professor Donnan’s patients but are a private facility therefore billed separately.

Orthokids are located at the rear of VicOrtho in Chapman Street and at St Vincent’s Private in East Melbourne.