Preparing for Femoral Lengthening

It is beneficial to start a physiotherapy program prior to femoral lengthening surgery.  Your physiotherapist will:

  • Discuss with you what  physiotherapy you will need to do through out the lengthening and rehabilitation process
  • Help you prepare your body for surgery
  • Discuss what equipment you made need to arrange prior to your surgery

Preparing your body for surgery

It is important to  stretch your muscles in your leg prior to femoral lengthening surgery.

During the process of femoral lengthening, the bone is very gradually lengthened. The muscles in your leg need to lengthen to keep up with the lengthening bone. This is achieved by stretching your muscles. The more flexible your muscles are before the femoral lengthening surgery the easier the process will be for you. If your muscles are not flexible you are more likely to experience pain and may have difficulties achieving your goal length.

There are three main muscle groups that need to be stretched.

Quads standing
Quadriceps Stretch
Adductor stretch
Hamstring stretch

Exercise before your surgery

It is important to keep fit before your surgery. If you are strong and fit you will be able to move more easily after your surgery. You can prepare for your surgery by making sure you do some active exercise each day, such as bike riding, swimming, walking or playing sport. If you are already active you can  continue your usual sports and activities. 

It is useful to get access to an exercise bike in your home and practice using it prior to your surgery. Using an exercise bike will be part of your rehabilitation after your surgery.