COVID-19 Advice

To all of my patients new and old I am continuing to provide orthopaedic services during this time and all of my staff are still working to provide you with support.

In many cases consultations can be provided by telehealth, but some conditions require to traditional consultation. Radiology is not being provided onsite at present so I will organise local services to provide assistance in this regard.

Surgery is becoming available but in a restricted fashion according to Department of Health regulations. We will work with you during this time to find an appropriate and safe time.

Fracture management – services continue to be provided for the follow-up and ongoing management of fractures as well as plaster and orthotic treatment

Hip dysplasia – we have solid systems in place to continue the management of new and existing cases of hip dysplasia so that good clinical outcomes can be maintained

Limb Reconstruction – whilst no new surgery will be performed at present, I will be continuing to see patients, work up the problems and complete planning in expectation of surgery later in the year

Tumour Patients – there will be no restriction in service provided to patients with suspected bone and soft tissue lesions whether benign or malignant in nature.