Leo T. Donnan, M.B.B.S. (Melb), F.R.A.C.S., FAOrthA.

Leo Donnan graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1986 subsequently training in Orthopedic Surgery obtaining his Fellowship of the College of Surgeons in 1994. During the following two years he undertook basic research into the regulation of bone formation at the St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research before accepting a Senior Lecturer position at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital in the UK. In this post he lead the Limb Reconstruction Service and developed an interest in medical education producing a complete syllabus of video based teaching material for education of medical students and surgical trainees in paediatric orthopaedics.

He continued advanced training in paediatrics and limb reconstruction at the Russian Scientific Institute in Kurgan Siberia and a various European Institutes. During this time published on techniques in reconstructive surgery and in particular that related to fully implantable intramedullary lengthening devices and deformity correction. On return to Melbourne he was appointed to a consultant position at the Royal Children’s, St Vincent’s and Royal Melbourne Hospitals and became Director of Orthopaedics at The Royal Children’s Hospital in 2004.

At The Royal Children’s Hospital he established the Limb Reconstruction Service and currently hosts an International Fellowship in that field. He has sub-specialist interests in correction of congenital deformities, hip dysplasia, joint replacement, neuromuscular disorders and foot and ankle surgery.

In 2006 he was appointed Chief of Surgery (Executive Director Surgical Services) at the Royal Children’s Hospital and was made Clinical Associate Professor University of Melbourne.


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Published Letters

The effect of pelvic rotation and inclination on the cross-over sign
Rainer G. Biedermann, M.D., Leo T. Donnan, M.D., FRACS
Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA   (20 April 2006)

Book Chapters

Bone Biology
K W Ng , E Romas, L.Donnan, D. Findlay
Bailliere’s Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism  Vol 11 No1  pp1-22 1997

The Acute Correction of Deformity by Means of Monolateral External Fixation
L T Donnan & M Saleh
Orthofix: External Fixation in Trauma and Orthopaedics
Edited by G. De Bastiani, A.G. Apley, and A.A.J. Goldberg
Springer-Verlag London, UK



Victorian Health Care Award 2007
Advanced Practice Physiotherapy Model of Care
Department of Health, Victoria
Innovation in Workforce Design

Victorian Health Care Award 2007
Royal Children’s Hospital Team Award
Department of Health, Victoria
Craniophagus Twins Separation

Victorian Health Care Award 2012
Developmental Dysplasia Education Program
Department of Health, Victoria
Technology Innovation